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kensington golf & country club

Refreshed branding builds on 30 years of legacy.

WildmanDesign helped us refresh a legacy brand of 30 years and breathe new life into it. David worked closely with our team to capture the heart of our Golf & Country Club and helped us craft a brand strategy and design that honors our past, but more importantly, sets us up for the future. WildmanDesign took a complex situation and effortlessly created a solution that has been embraced by our leadership and our Membership.

Sara James, Director of Membership & Marketing @ Kensington Golf & Country Club (Naples, FL)

A private club that’s welcoming and focused around You.

With many choices in Naples, finding a club that makes the experience “your own” can feel overwhelming and leave you nervous about the investment. Kensington’s members deserve the best amenities, a premier Golf experience and memorable events to enjoy with people they like. Over the last 25 years, Kensington has remained one of the most desirable Golf and Country Clubs in the heart of Naples because they focus everything they do around their members.

WildmanDesign has led Kensington through a major brand update that stays true to the club’s 30 year legacy but also provides them with the tools they need to market their products and services to a new generation of members.

scope of work

Brand Update

Handling a re-brand for a company with a 30 year legacy and brand equity

Brand Messaging & Strategy

  • Development of an overall “Brand-script” (using the StoryBrand® Framework)
  • Development of a One-Liner that can be easily repeated by customers and team-members alike
  • Development of a new tag-line

Brand Maintenance

Managing brand consistency over multiple media and various marketing projects

On-site support & General Graphic Design

Marketing consulting for various initiatives and departments such as new membership aquisition, wedding and event marketing and more. Providing ongoing graphic design support to marketing department.

brand update

The existing visual brand of KGCC has served the community well over the last 25 years, and the recent anniversary was the perfect time to re-visit the branding and breath some fresh life into it to ensure another 25 years of successful visual presentation.

The new full logo includes the new mark, a new version of the word-mark and introduces a location identifier to make the overall logo more usable and marketable.


  • The initial ‘K’ remains the exact same as in the previous mark, but is raised to the baseline of the remaining word-mark. This creates enough room underneath for further sub word-marks.
  • The rest of the main name receives a new font, that is very similar to the old font, but looks leaner, is less round and adds additional motion detail at the intersection of the ‘g’ and the ‘t’. Some selective kerning adjustments have been made to achieve a balanced look.
  • The word NAPLES was added at the right bottom. We believe adding the city to the name opens up new marketing opportunities.
  • ‘Golf & Country Club’ is displayed in a Small Caps design, with the secondary brand color.
  • All brand colors stayed the same.
  • Usage of a clear font will provide great distribution into all media channels.

Brand Messaging

A successful visual brand is built on a solid foundation of clear brand messaging and concise brand strategy. In short: Kensington’s good looks should be reflective of who they are and how the express themselves.

A “brand-story” was developed that gives Kensington “Buckets” of words, phrases, talking points that they can utilize in their branding and marketing. 

In addtition, a one-liner was developed along with a tag-line.

All those items, along with the visual standards, were assembled in an easy to use “Brand Book” that ensures that outside vendors and internal staff alike can be consistant in their brand expression and execution.


brand maintenance

Kensington Golf & Country Club offers amazing Event and Wedding spaces – all with their own marketing opportunites. WildmanDesign helped define and create various marketing material and sub-brands that stay consistent with the overall branding. In addition, a recent direct mail campaign with landing page and e-mail drip campaign invited prospects to discover all that Kensington has to offer.

ongoing support

Every month, Kensington relies on WildmanDesign for various marketing and design support. Event branding, e-mail campains, various design projects and branding expansions.

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