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that will keep you

By taking part in the Global Leadership Summit, you have shown that you are a leader in your field. You desire that your company, non-profit, or church is at the top of your industry, and you know that having a clear brand message is an essential part of that.

As a busy leader, when was the last time you took a closer look at your branding and marketing message?


of customers don't buy due to confusing branding

A recent study shows that lousy brand aesthetics and unclear messaging caused 52% of consumers not to buy from a company.

Are your logo, slogan, and overall brand message confusing people before they even have a chance to get to know you?

We understand that as leaders, it’s easy to be so close to your product that you start using inside-language and assume people will grasp it.

We have helped hundreds of businesses, non-profits, and churches clarify their brand message both with their visuals and the words — the result:

increased profits and engagement.

steps to your renewed brand confidence:

We analyze your brand clarity both visually and in messaging

We breath new life into your brand by creating a clear and straightforward brand design and strategy

We watch you celebrate as you grow your business through branding that works for you.

From now until August 31, 2021 get 1 free hour of Brand & Business Coaching ($250 value) and 20% off if you initiate any branding or website project with Wildman Design

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Don’t remain unclear if your branding works for you, but instead, gain renewed focus and pride in your brand. See how your customers will quickly engage with you and rest assured that your logo, messaging, and marketing materials are helping you win.

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