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first baptist estero

A bold look for a bright future.

"We wanted our outside appearance reflect the quality of ministry happening on the inside”.

Craig Weinbaum, Deacon Chairman @ First Baptist Estero

scope of work

New Brand

Complete new visual design (incl. logo and brand collateral)

New Website

Complete new website design & hosting.

Brand Story

Taking the vision and articulating it effectively. 

Ongoing Support

Graphic Design and marketing support for various events and outreaches.

New Logo

The new logo is a bold departure from previously used images and emblems. FBE didn’t have a firm logo in place, so a new brand was a very logical move. Out of various concepts presented, the team went for a progressive look that points FBE towards the future. The logo is an abstract rendition of the letters F and E with a the shape of a cross inside of it. The stark shapes are contrasted with a slightly rounded brand font. The colors present a fresh and contemporary approach. 


New Website

FBE previously used a website solution provided by the church database company they were using. While it was practical, it lacked adaptability, the design was hard to manage on mobile devices and the content needed to be better organized. WildmanDesign built a brand new website, built on the reliable WordPress platform and designed it in a way that makes it easy for people to interact. The menu structure is simple and there are clear “call to actions”. The design is in line with the overall corporate look to ensure brand consistency. WildmanDesign also provides the monthly hosting and maintenance so First Baptist Estero can focus on what matters: ministering to their community.


office collateral

An effective brand is expressed in the sum of it’s parts. Clean and clear office collateral is an essential part. WildmanDesign went through all the common office pieces and designed a new look that falls in line with the corporate brand. Example shows: Business cards.


in-service items

Every organization has many parts and pieces that need to be re-designed upon introduction of new branding. For example: FBE had “connect cards” that were plain and hard to navigate. We took the opportunity to not only introduce a new design, but also increase funtionality and organzie the content in sections that are easier to navigate.


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