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Faith + Love

Supporting a new church plant coming to the Austin, TX area.

We know people want to have a trusting relationship with God and others. To have that, they need an authentic community that accepts them and helps them grow. We endeavor to offer that.

Rich King, Lead Pastor @ Faith+Love

Bring your past. Discover a bright future.

Tradition sometimes gives us a wrong idea about God and makes us think that He only accepts us if we are perfect, sinless, and without fault, which can leave us feeling hopeless in our connection with God. Faith+Love believes nothing should keep you from a genuine and loving God. The new church launches in the fall of 2019.

scope of work

Brand Development

Develop a new look from scratch that reflects the mission and vision of the new church plant.

Website Design & Hosting

Design of basic website and landing page that will expand into full church website upon launch.

Brand Story & Message

We’ve taken the heart and vision of the Pastor and his team and distilled it into a clear message that can be shared effectively through all their media.


WildmanDesign offers ongoing support to the launch team by designing and ordering print materials, developing marketing campaigns and many other items.

brand development

Through talks and questionnaires with the Lead Pastor and his team, we captured the heart and vision for the church launch and distilled into into a beautiful and modern design. The + in the name forms an abstract cross. The dimensional angle of the shapes demonstrate the “moving towards a bright future”. It also represents a meeting point where heaven touches earth. Modern and warm colors along with a clean typeface, make it an attractive look for a modern market such as Austin, TX.

brand messaging

People respond to compelling stories, words and messages that clearly address the situation in life they find themselves in. Through the StoryBrand(TM) marketing framework, we are able to help clients such as Faith+Love find ways to clearly formulate their vision and invite people to join the movement.  

Website Design & Hosting

WildmanDesign created a compelling website, created on the defined brand look and feel. The initial goal of the site is to create awareness for the upcoming launch but also invite people to join the movement through volunteering or financial support.


launch support

We understand that launching a business or a church can be a stressful time with lots of moving pieces. WildmanDesign is committed to provide design and marketing support to help the team of Faith+Love get to the launch and beyond.

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